BREAKING: Murder Charge Shocks Nation – Trump Is…

A murder charge just completely shocked the nation. Even President Donald Trump is speaking out about it — he has released a statement and millions of Americans are wondering what will happen next. We live in perilous times.

“He looked — I saw the picture of him in his tuxedo, it was so beautiful — I mean he looks like a wonderful young guy,” said Trump, referring to Ahmaud Arbery. “I think it’s a horrible thing.” Three men have now been charged with felony murder in Arbery’s death.

According to a recent AP report published by Breitbart News, “Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and William ‘Roddie’ Bryan Jr.” have been indicted “in the death of the African American man,” allowing the case to go to trial. Video of the incident has horrified Americans ever since going viral.

Arbery, 25, was out on a jog when Greg and Travis McMichael “pursued” him while armed. The incident ended when Arbery was shot and killed. Speaking to police, Greg McMichael alleged that they thought Arbery was “a burglar and that Arbery attacked his son before being shot.”

Due to nationwide outcry and an investigation into the case, the McMichaels were eventually arrested — along with Bryan who assisted in the pursuit — and the trio now awaits sentencing. If convicted on the malice and felony murder charges, the three men could face life in prison.

Trump, in addition to expressing his heartbreak over Arbery’s murder, said that he spoke with Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), one of only three African-Americans in the Senate, about the case, noting that Scott was “disturbed” by it. Americans agree and demand justice for Arbery.

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