BREAKING: Murder Announcement Shocks Nation – Donald Trump Is…

A murder announcement just completely shocked the nation. President Donald Trump is watching the situation closely and may have to take action. This is a stunning development.

According to Breitbart News, alarming statistics have revealed that “there were 15 murders in Portland during July 2020, the most for a single month in over three decades.” There’s a reason.

The massive spike in homicides came after the Portland City Council reportedly directed the city’s police department to make budget cuts, resulting in their Gun Violence Reduction Team being axed.

Shootings also increased in July 2020 compared to July 2019. According to a local report, “there were 63 shootings in Portland in July 2020, versus 28 for the same month in 2019,” noted Breitbart.

Portland’s police are being used as political pawns by far-left politicians, namely Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) and the city council. Public safety will continue to take a hit as “defund the police” is pushed forward.

Liberals fail to understand that most crime is a heart issue. Defunding the police and disarming law-abiding citizens will only invite more violence as those with ill intent fill a power vacuum.

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