BREAKING: Murder Announcement Rocks White House – Trump Isn’t…

A murder announcement just rocked the White House. President Donald Trump’s name has been publicly invoked and millions of people across the country are stunned.

“Trump’s closing strategy: Blanket the country with super spreader rallies and kill as many Americans as possible,” tweeted far-left Hollywood director Rob Reiner. For several months now, he has pushed insane conspiracy theories.

Here’s another one from earlier this month: “Of the 10s of thousands of lies this Sociopath has told, saying the Coronavirus has turned a corner is unmitigated evil. It is premeditated murder.”

Reiner has always been delusional, but quarantine has not been good for him. What he won’t say — because it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative — is that Trump took immediate, decisive action to fight the coronavirus.

He swiftly announced travel restrictions from China and other hotbeds to buy us the necessary time and it worked. Without it, many have estimated that the infections and casualties would have been much worse.

Trump also established the White House Coronavirus Task Force led by Vice President Mike Pence, which coordinated early efforts between the federal government and states and continues to work diligently to respond to this pandemic.

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