BREAKING: MSNBC Busted By Humiliating Video – No Excuse…

An MSNBC anchor had to admit that the network had aired video of the wrong black congressman in an embarrassing mistake on Tuesday.

“Earlier when reporting on the death of Rep. Alcee Hastings, we showed video of Rep. Bennie Thompson,” the outlet’s Hallie Jackson tweeted. The mistake occurred on Hallie Jackson Reports.

Jackson also apologized again for the error on Wednesday.

“We are sorry it did. Congressman Hastings served the state of Florida for nearly three decades and the House and deserves a tribute worthy of that service,” she said.

Hastings’ death makes the House Democrat majority slimmer, but DeSantis will have to hold a special election to replace Hastings in his 80% Democrat district.

Read the full story here.

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  1. Happens when Journalist are so anxious to be “front & center” to get their story out —– mistakes are made!!!! Snooze you loose, when you get greedy & don’t check your facts!!!!

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