BREAKING: Mitch McConnell REMOVAL Announcement – It’s Time…

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has forfeited his right to lead the Republican Party in the Senate, columnist Joel Pollak wrote Wednesday after he led some in his party to vote for a so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill.

As the party’s leader, McConnell agreed to a voting process that didn’t even allow amendments, which means that Republicans got exactly “nothing” from the bill, Pollak said.

McConnell and his cronies went along with electric cars instead of the Keystone Pipeline, digital equity instead of equal opportunity, and fake “buy American provisions while Democrats let China steal American jobs.

The bill isn’t even “paid for,” but will cause a $256 billion deficit. Despite all that, McConnell insisted on giving Biden a big win so he can look bipartisan to his moderate base.

What good is it to have 50 Republicans in the Senate if they won’t even stand against horrible bills and hold back the dam of spending Democrats have planned, as best they can? And with friends like McConnell, who needs enemies?

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26 Responses

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    1. The wife has a shipping business in China 🇨🇳 the father of his wife ..if McConnell will not go along with his father in law they will loose there shipping company business.. Go figure it out ..

  1. McConnel has never been for the American people – just his privilege of being a politician !!! What has he really done except sway to the call of money and privilege !!! Guess its been great for him to do nothing but waltz around and really do nothing for the American people !!! Have you got one his coffee mugs – well, guess who paid for it !!!

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  3. For once in his life McConnel should do something honest. Let the people of Kentucky know who they really elected and transfer to the Democrat party. Hard to believe they didn’t primary him out last year and reelect him back in the Senate. Now we are stuck with him until 2026. Then he will most likely retire and thumb his nose at his voters all the way to the bank.

  4. Mitch, you can’t have it both ways. Either you are a Republican or you are a Democrat. You better decide soon. We are getting tired of your back and forth decisions.

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  6. For s person that ask for Trump help to get back into leadership. Then turns on the American people by voting for this piece of crap bill. So before mid terms let’s Kentucky get rid of him. Recall. Then let’s take back the house and Senate, vote all the Rhino out of office. We need to look at what is left are they true Republicans or Rhinos . It’s time to clean out the people, who do not follow the constitution and what the American people want

    1. I agree. I have never been a fan of McConnell and i don’t think he represents my conservative views. I lean more to a Constitutional/Tea Party agenda and I haven’t seen that in years. America first.

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  8. Reading the comments pretty much sums up my opinion about McConnells inability to lead anyone. No fence sitting American taxpayers after the stunts pulled by Democrat Pelosis disaster of allowing COVID-19 into our country after Trump had a travel ban on China costs lives and billions of dollars. Making matter even worse they rig an election and then pay illegals to vote democrat. We’ve had enough of this corruption.

    1. You said that correct!!!!!!!!! I have never in all my years, observed such evil, crookedness, as this present Democratic party is!!!!!!!!!! They only care about themselves & not the people who elected them. DISGUSTING!!!!!

  9. McConnell should have never been elected back in last year. Another spineless politician. Time to go. We need someone like MTG in there. She will clean things up and rattle cages. That is if he even gets removed. Most likely he will stall off and finish out the rest of his term.

  10. I can’t believe that McConnel voted for the bill. Has he given up on
    America? It seems so. Could the fact that he has a Chinese wife have anything to do with it? I wonder. If so, he needs to go. We need REAL Americans leading our country.

  11. HE is A RINO , Criminal on the take , lied , cheeted, stole the election with the rest of the thieves
    get rid of him

  12. Mitch McConnell has always placed emphasis on “decorum” and playing nice with the subversive democrats. McConnell only talks, talks, talks but nothing more. What he’s doing is only maintaining a political position but obviously had no intention to represent republican voters. The fact that he never approved Trump demonstrates that he places his own beliefs ahead of all else.

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