BREAKING: Mitch McConnell Exposes Sick Democrat Conspiracy – Unreal…

Mitch McConnell just exposed the truth about the “cease-fire” in Israel and Joe Biden is furious about it.

According to Breitbart News report, McConnell, during an interview with Fox News, stated that “at least half the Democrats are hostile to Israel.”

McConnell went not to say the other half of the Democrats are “afraid” of those hostile to Israel.

“I think at least half the Democrats are hostile to Israel, the rest of them are afraid of those who are hostile to Israel. And you see that reflected in the pressure the president’s put on the Israelis for a premature cease-fire, which, I gather, has just been announced,” said McConnell.

McConnell didnt’ stop there:

I think it’s important to remember, Israel is up against a terrorist organization. Hamas does not represent Palestinians. It’s a terrorist organization, lobbing shells onto civilians in Israel. Israel, on the other hand, listen to this, will call up people in a building they’re going to hit and say, please get out of the building, we don’t want to kill you, but we’re going to take out the building. There’s no moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel.

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  5. What has happened to the Americans in the Democratic party. Can they not stand up for what they believe without fear from the minority. Why are we letting the minority rule? The majority needs to stand firm and defeat those that want to destroy America and our freedoms.

  6. Racists at their finest running our Government under the name of Democrats! Our Government officials should not be hostile to our allies who have stood with us & for us for many years. Well God did say good would become bad & bad would become good, here is a perfect example!


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