BREAKING: Mitch McConnell Exposes Joe Biden’s Real Plan – America In Shock

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just exposed President Joe Biden’s real plan. Millions of Americans are stunned by this announcement.

Speaking from the Senate floor, McConnell noted that the “extra-generous jobless benefits” from the federal government are “holding back our recovery.” The benefits are a “bonus to stay unemployed.”

But this is exactly what Biden and the Democrats want — increased dependency on the federal government. The federal “bonus,” which is in addition to the baseline state-provided unemployment benefit, is often paying more than a job on the open market.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that Democrats want to keep this benefit flowing. They do not care if it kills jobs and slows our economic recovery; it is about a political agenda.

Employers nationwide are looking for workers and are having trouble attracting them. Several GOP governors have realized this and decided that their states will no longer accept the federal bonus.

Democrat governors, however, will continue to accept the bonus as long as it is provided — thereby stalling our recovery and setting up an environment for their next goal: a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

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3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately that excludes people on Social Security
    We live well below the property level but Democrats refuse to increase our benefits why Do illegals get more benefit?
    The Democrats really don’t care about them but they see them as the future Democratic voters and it doesn’t matter if they’re criminals Or violent or not
    And keep them safe they want to defund the police and make sanctuary cities and look at those Cities now most are still smothering from Burning And the criminals are In control now

  2. That is what the Dems. want more & more people to be dependent on the government so what ever the Dems. say people will do or starve in the streets. People what is wrong with you sure having someone pay your way sounds really great but remember it all comes at a cost TO YOU EVENUALLY!! WAKE UP!!

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