BREAKING: Military Scandal Shock Congress – GOP Reveals…

The GOP is making a stunning more to stop the spread of critical race theory within the United States military.

According to Breitbart News, “Sen. Tom Cotton raised the possibility of using military promotions, typically confirmed by the U.S. Senate on a voice vote, as a tool to halt the practice of indoctrinating military personnel with so-called critical race theory.”

Critical race theory is a wildly controversial teaching that claims to educate about racism but allegedly creates more division through a revisionist approach to history and and myopic lens to American structures and systems.

“The secretary of defense last week acknowledged on the record that our troopers should not be indoctrinated with this kind of critical race theory nonsense,” said Cotton. “Furthermore, Laura, I’d say that every year, we confirm on voice vote in the Senate tens of thousands of military officers’ promotions, from first lieutenant on up.”

Cotton continued:

That includes a couple of hundred generals every year. We don’t have to rubber-stamp those. We can examine them more closely. We can see if these generals have been dancing to the tune of the political appointees of the Biden administration, now contrary to the exact direction of the secretary of defense last week. Perhaps we need to start taking a little more careful look at what these generals have been tolerating or even promoting in their commands.

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