BREAKING: Military Invasion Shocker – Time To Evacuate…

It seems that Britain and the European Union believe a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent as both entities have advised their citizens to evacuate as soon as possible.

This comes as President Biden issued a proclamation claiming that a Russian invasion could happen “any day now.”

Russia has over 100,000 troops massed on its border with Ukraine. If they do decide to invade, there will be a literal flood of Russian troops sweeping across Ukraine, leaving little time for foreigners to evacuate.

The British Government advised citizens in Ukraine to “leave now while commercial means are still available.” The deteriorating situation means commercial flights are running on borrowed time if an invasion does occur.

British embassy staff and other figures have already begun evacuating from Kyiv in preparation for war.

All of this seems to indicate that war is no longer a matter of if it will happen but when it will happen. However, the Ukrainian government has remained unphased by escalating tensions leading some to believe that talks of war are overblown.

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