BREAKING: Mike Pompeo Shocks Media – Reveals Military Plan To…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just shocked the media and revealed a major plan. The military is part of it, and the controversy has already begun to swirl. There is a major shift on the way.

When it comes to peace negotiations in the Middle East, Secretary Pompeo said that “they are all connected” and ultimately about “recognizing the primary operator for instability, the Islamic Republic of Iran.” The U.S. military also has a role.

While this perspective on Iran “has begun to drive all of the elements of our foreign policy in the Middle East,” he said, it would include the effort in Afghanistan to “get our young men and women home” and reduce our presence elsewhere, too.

But this cannot happen without the historic negotiations currently underway continuing as planned. Already, President Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize “helping to broker peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE),” reported Fox News.

As deals like this one and others are made, the grip will continue to tighten on Iran through sanctions and other means — particularly political pressure from countries in the region who want to exist peacefully.

This is all part of Trump’s “peace through strength” model, which, as Pompeo put it, is modeled after President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy. The president doesn’t mind using force when necessary, but he is also focused on “economic strength” for America.

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