BREAKING: Mike Pompeo Goes OFF – America In Shock

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went off on Major League Baseball for their decision to pull their All-Star game and Draft from Atlanta after Georgia passed a comprehensive election integrity bill.

Pompeo blasted the MLB for caving to a false political narrative and costing Georgia nearly a hundred million dollars while simultaneously doing business with China. In the past year, China has been exposed for holding a large population of ethnic Muslims in concentration camps.

Pompeo said, “If you live in mainland China, there’s no voter ID required because there’s no voting that takes place. Why does the @MLB still do business there? It’s shameful that their decision in Georgia was fact-free, based on what the left-wing media told executives to do.”

Further, the MLB opted to move the All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado. Colorado has the same voter ID requirements that Georgia just approved and has even fewer early voting days.

The MLB clearly didn’t do their research and were reacting to the screeching of Democrats. Democrats have made it clear that election integrity is not something they support, and they will do everything to damage those who advocate it.

If the MLB thinks that Americans will look kindly on their inconsistent political posturing, they are sadly mistaken. Major League Baseball has politicized its product while working with one of the despotic regimes that exists.

Read the full story here.

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9 Responses

  1. I will never fly
    Delta again, never drink another Coke, never shop at Target again, never shop at Home Depot again, so there.

    1. Hi Sara, me 2. I also stopped watching basketball, baseball, football and golf. Lowe’s treat Veterans much friendlier than Home Depot. God Bless American.

    2. Interesting Sara, I recently received a catalog from a mail order company from whom I have ordered several pieces of clothing. Woman’s clothing which was always stylish & seemed to be well made. However this last catalog, in the description of each piece said Imported. It didn’t say from where and the few things that were made in USA were so marked, so I drew the conclusion that Imported is just another way to say China as the place of manufacture, so I wrote to tell them to remove me from their list and NEVER send me another catalog until they stop importing clothing from China. So we shall see.

  2. Follow the money. That is what all this is about. China is giving big money to sports, airlines, and big corporations, so of course they are going to cave to them and forgo their allegience to America. So we as citizens of the United States should forgo our allegience to them.

  3. I will never attend another Major League Baseball game again. They can shove the bats up the you know what hole

  4. We MUST wake up to the corporations selling out our country!

    Senator Marco Rubio needs to be put in his place. He pulled
    off what is called a Red Herring. He made a lengthy video exposing
    Delta Airlines and Coca Cola in response to the CEO of Delta Airlines
    addressing the issue of Georgia election reform. The CEO had one
    subject. Election reform was his subject. Delta needs to be put
    in its place. Don’t fly with them! Period

    HOWEVER there is a problem with RINO Senator Rubio. His response
    said nothing about the subject of election fraud. He took
    the route of being totally silent on the subject of election reform

    A Red Herring is an issue , whether legal or factual, raised in a case
    which may be important generally, but has no relative importance to
    the subject at hand. We must not let Senator Rubio off the hook. The
    primary issue was fraud.

    Senator Rubio declared there was “no fraud” as he spoke during
    the electoral college count. He has not changed. He did not address
    fraud. He wanted to appear conservative via a Red Herring subject of
    importance without addressing fraud. RINO

    I hope Delta looses millions and goes bankrupt.

    I hope people learn from Senator Rubio how RINO’s are dangerously
    deceitful. I think most Americans want fair elections without fraud so
    that honest officials can put an end to corporations like Delta

  5. Abner Doubleday is rolling around in his grave. Baseball is a sport, it was meant to be entertaining and local, state or federal politics were never involved.

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