BREAKING: Mike Pompeo EXPLODES On Biden – Nation Stunned

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just publicly exploded on President Joe Biden. Millions of people across the nation are stunned.

Referring to Biden’s border crisis, Pompeo said that “to watch them come in and just flip the switch and the tragedy that we now see. These people are trying to come through Mexico to get into the United States because President Biden greenlighted this. It’s absolutely tragic.”

Pompeo noted that the Trump administration had strong relationships with the Mexican, Guatemalan, El Salvadoran, and Honduran governments — and that’s why a deal was struck.

“We negotiated,” said Pompeo. “We got to a place that made life better for their people and secured our southern border.” Why, then, would Biden come in and tear that all down?

One can only assume that it was a reflexive anti-Trump move without much thought put into it. But there was also some intentionality — Biden and his far-left cohorts support open borders.

Now, he will swoop in with a “solution” and it will be some form of amnesty. Remember: he encouraged people to flood the border. While he isn’t smart, he also knew what he was doing.

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5 Responses

  1. Biden should’ be held accountable for encouraging illegals to break our laws and putting American lives in danger.Let him use his money to house and feed illegals becaus see we as American citizens were nrver given A choice.

    1. I completely agree. Biden and his co-conspirators should all be the only ones financially responsible for the mess they caused. We the people never agreed or voted for it.

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