BREAKING: Mike Pompeo Devastates China – He Makes It Official

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just devastated the Chinese government — he made it official mere moments ago and people around the world are stunned. The stakes couldn’t be higher now for both countries involved.

Responding to a ban on a U.S. diplomat’s op-ed in China, Pompeo said the act “shows just how much China’s unelected Party elites fear their own people’s free-thinking and the free world’s judgment about their governance practices inside China.”

The People’s Daily, which is ultimately a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), refused to publish an op-ed written by U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Brandstad, alleging it was “full of loopholes and seriously inconsistent with the facts.”

There is certainly an irony in the CCP allowing anti-Western propaganda and also using American-based social media networks — such as Facebook and Twitter — to push their deceptive filth, yet the CCP won’t allow Brandstad’s piece to be published.

Perhaps this should change. If the Chinese government isn’t going to reciprocate by allowing at least a sliver of open dialogue in China, then U.S. companies should prohibit Chinese diplomats and other officials from using their channels. It is simple.

As Pompeo noted, “China’s Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai alone has published five Op-eds this year in prominent U.S. news outlets such as the Washington Post and Politico, and given exclusive interviews to the likes of CNN and CBS.”

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