BREAKING: Mike Pence Stuns Nation – He Makes It Official

Former Vice President Mike Pence isn’t happy at all.

And the reason might surprise you.

According to Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Pence is upset at Donald Trump for the incidents of January 6th.

“Some members of the Pence team and called us up — and I know they called other people up around town… to make it clear, and this is how angry the Pence team was, that Donald Trump never called Mike Pence when he was in the bunker inside the Capitol to ask him if he was safe, to inquire about his safety, nor did he ever urge the people who were storming the Capitol to stand down and not to go after Mike Pence,” said Wallace.

Wallace said that Pence’s team “saw that as the ultimate betrayal.”

To read more about this development, click here.

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