BREAKING: Mike Pence Pulls The Trigger – He’s Making His Move

Vice President Mike Pence just pulled the trigger. He made his move and the DC swamp is furious — they can’t believe he exposed their plan.

“I’m proud to report with just a few days left in our Administration, our Administration is the first in decades that did not get America into a new war,” said Pence on Twitter. “That’s Peace Through Strength.”

The Trump administration personified the “Peace Through Strength” doctrine set forth by President Ronald Reagan, in which he made clear where we stand with our adversaries yet was reluctant about full-scale war.

Now, with the incoming Biden administration, time will tell — though it already appears obvious — that the United States may return to the political establishment’s favorite pastime, and Americans should be concerned.

Our founders were justified in their skepticism of war as an answer to complex solutions. This doesn’t mean there are not times when war is, in fact, the correct answer after sober reflection, but it should be the last resort.

Furthermore, when the United States goes to war, it should be carried out according to the Constitution with a formal Declaration of War by Congress — and we should fight to win, secure the peace, and leave.

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