BREAKING: Mike Pence Makes It Official – He’s Joining…

Former Vice President Mike Pence just made it official. He is joining up and millions of fans are cheering. This is exactly the right move.

According to a report from Breitbart News, Pence is “joining the Heritage Foundation, he and the conservative organization announced on Thursday.” Pence praised the organization in his statement.

“The Heritage Foundation is a flagship of the conservative movement and I am profoundly honored to join them as a distinguished visiting fellow to advance conservative policies that will benefit every American,” he said.

Since 1973, Heritage has been at the forefront of conservative policies and had a strong relationship with the Trump administration. Pence joining the group is a perfect fit.

He has also joined Young America’s Foundation (YAF) as a Ronald Reagan Presidential Scholar. According to YAF, Pence will take part in the organization’s “unrivaled campus lecture program.” Liberals are losing their minds, no doubt.

Pence’s involvement with Heritage and YAF shows that he will remain active in the conservative movement for years to come. Many are hoping he will even be a candidate for president in 2024.

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