BREAKING: Mike Pence Is Really Doing It – GOP Is…

Former Vice President Mike Pence may really be doing it. Many Republican leaders are stunned — Pence’s move could be signaling a major shift.

“In a move that will spark further 2024 speculation, former Vice President Mike Pence will headline a major Republican Party dinner and fundraising event in early June in New Hampshire,” reported Fox News.

New Hampshire, of course, is “the state that for a century has held the first primary in the race for the White House,” continued the report. Will Pence jump into the race for president?

This has yet to be seen, but now is the time for potential candidates to start making moves. Pence remains popular with the Republican base and would be a strong contender.

Recently, Pence also traveled to South Carolina — another important primary state — and possibly hinted at an announcement coming in the very near future about his plans.

“We’ve got to guard our values … by offering a positive agenda to the American people, grounded in our highest ideals,” he said. “Over the coming months, I’ll have more to say about all of that.”

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14 Responses

  1. TRUMP has done MORE good for this country and I PRAY that he will continue doing what the LORD JESUS will be proud of.

  2. mike pence sould be with biden in his basement having some hands on lessons on pedofile life !

  3. Trump is strong enough to make things happen to Make America Great, and Strong Again. In my opinion VP PENCE has not demonstrated such.

  4. Pence is paid by Soros money. Look into his book deal. Possibly why he certified the fraudulent Electoral College vote. Stick with a proven leader, Donald J. Trump!

  5. Pence didn’t live up to back his president when he needed it.

  6. Pence is a traitor, I 🙏 that no one votes for him should he decide to put his hat in for 2024 Presidency. TRUMP all the way, Best President Ever.

  7. Pence sold his soul as Judas did for how much financial Pence? In politics to not follow the legal Contingent Election clause to prevent a coup & cheating! At least Judas had the balls to hang his treasonous self!

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