BREAKING: Mike Pence Finally Makes His Move – Democrats Shocked

Vice President Mike Pence just finally made his move. Democrats are completely shocked and they don’t know what to do. This is stunning.

“I urge the incoming administration to stay the course and do what we’ve done, stand up to Chinese aggression and trade abuses,” said Pence speaking to members of the U.S. Navy at Naval Air Station Lemoore.

“Stand strong for a free and open Indo-Pacific and put America and our freedom-loving allies first,” Pence continued. He also discussed how “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance,” Some Biden would be wise to remember.

This marked one of Pence’s final appearances as vice president, and it couldn’t have been more fitting. The Trump administration has been an unwavering advocate for our military since day one.

Trump and Pence have also promoted former President Ronald Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” model, which made sure that our military was well-equipped and ready to take on any adversary.

By showing America’s enemies that we remain strong and resolute, the possibility for war decreases. This is why we must not allow the U.S. military to be gutted like it was during the Obama administration. China is watching.

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