BREAKING: Mike Pence Confirms Rumors – He’s Not Going To…

During a rally in Georgia for two Republican special runoff candidates for Senate, Vice President Mike Pence told voters in the state that it was highly important for them to vote for the party’s candidates.

“I know we’ve all got our doubts about the last election, and I actually hear some people saying, ‘Just don’t vote,’” he said, referring to comments election fraud attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell made about boycotting the election.

“My fellow Americans, if you don’t vote, they win,” Pence said to the rally attendess. “If you don’t vote, there could be nothing to stop Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi from cutting our military, raising taxes, passing the agenda to the radical left.”

If both Republicans lose their runoffs and Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20, Democrats would control the Senate with 50 votes and Vice President Kamala Harris as a tiebreaking vote.

Nearly a million absentee ballots have been requested for the runoffs, scheduled for January 5.

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