BREAKING: Mike Pence Caught On Hot Mic – Millions Stunned

Vice President Mike Pence was captured on a hot microphone referring to a person who appeared to be President Donald Trump as “unstoppable” while talking to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Answering an inaudible question from Netanyahu, Pence said, “We are contending. He’s unstoppable,” then added, “Like somebody else I know.”

Like Trump, Netanyahu is also facing accusations of corruption in his own country. Also like Trump, he has consistently denied the allegations against him.

If Pence was referring to the impeachment efforts against Trump, he seemed to be acknowledging that Trump is all but sure to be acquitted in the Senate, where 67 votes would be needed to convict him and remove him from office.

Pence is not currently facing any allegations, but may have used “we” to refer to the perception that impeachment proceedings are an attack on the entire administration.

Read the full story here.

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