BREAKING: Michelle Obama Steps In – She’s Doing It

Former First Lady Michelle Obama just stepped in. She is officially doing it and people are stunned — even members of her own political party. This is a shocking turn of events.

In recent weeks, Obama has launched a nationwide podcast and worked overtime to keep her name relevant by making public appearances. Now she is shamefully exploiting the coronavirus pandemic, but to what end?

Speaking with journalist Michelle Norris on Obama’s podcast, the two discussed the COVID-19 crisis and how the country should address “how wealth is distributed.” She also drew a distinction between “essential” and “non-essential” workers.

“A lot of these people are broke,” said Obama, referring to “essential” workers — people Norris previously identified as those who “drive garbage trucks” and “work in warehouses.” She also mentioned grocery store and hospital workers.

Obama said we need to think about “how these essential people are supported,” using the expense of healthcare and the lack of health insurance for some as examples. Hey, wasn’t the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) supposed to fix this issue?

She stopped short of offering any policy solutions whatsoever, opting instead to encourage “reflection,” but she is pushing a fallacy that some workers are essential, while others are not. Jobs are essential for everyone and she wants to divide us.

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