BREAKING: Michelle Obama Shocks Democrats – She’s Doing It

Former First Lady Michelle Obama just shocked her fellow Democrats. For months, she has refused to stay out of the spotlight, and now she’s doing it. This is stunning.

During an interview on NBC’s ‘Today Show,’ Mrs. Obama called the impeachment proceedings against President Trump “surreal” and likened the situation to “depressions and wars and bombings and terrorist attacks.”

In fact, Obama even threw in a reference to “Jim Crow” for good measure. She was attempting to be uplifting and couched her comments in the fact that “we’ve seen tough times” and “always come out stronger.”

However, to make the comparisons she did was just a nice way of calling Trump a threat to the United States. Obama apparently has no problem pushing this false narrative on the president and Ukraine.

Despite knowing that Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president back in July amounted to nothing, Democrats are hellbent on squeezing every last drop of potential for political grandstanding out of it.

But a time of reckoning is on its way. Even if Democrats push impeachment through the House, this partisan witch-hunt is dead on arrival in the Senate — much to the dismay of Obama and other liberal elites.

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