BREAKING: Michelle Obama Makes It Official – She Launches…

Former First Lady Michelle Obama just made it official in front of a major audience. She has launched it and the nation is stunned — she is trying to tip the scale for the upcoming presidential election.

During the inaugural episode of Obama’s podcast, “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” she interviewed former President Barack Obama. Playing off each other, she officially took an implied swipe at President Donald Trump and it was nasty.

The former President and First Lady were discussing the importance of “hope.” Towards the end of this particular exchange, Michelle said, “Because, well as you pointed out as a former president who reads and knows history.”

“Let’s just take moment to pause and think about that,” she continued. It is obvious what she is playing here — that Trump is ignorant of history and doesn’t read, unlike her husband, of course, who is the epitome of an educated man. Right?

For years, there was an unwritten rule that former presidents (and typically their spouses) followed in regard to how they treat a new president. For the good of the country, former presidents would not speak ill of a new president. This has been broken.

To the Obamas, all that matters is getting Trump out of office — all that matters is politics. So, they push the false narrative that Trump is stupid and uneducated in order to score cheap points. But most voters are going to reject this tactic in November.

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