BREAKING: Michelle Obama Confirms Rumors – She Makes It Official

Former First Lady Michelle Obama showed support for Meghan Markle on Tuesday in comments about statements Markle made about the British royal family during an Oprah Winfrey interview.

Obama said that claims of racism against Markle and her son Archie were “heartbreaking” but “not surprising,” and she was hopeful that the revelation teach the world a lesson.

Markle and Prince Harry didn’t identify the family member who speculated about how dark Archie’s skin color would be before he was born, but Obama said it was probably not too much of a surprise to Markle that some in the family felt that way.

“I think the thing that I hope for, and the thing I think about, is that this, first and foremost, is a family,” Obama added. “I pray for forgiveness and healing for them so that they can use this as a teachable moment for us all.”

The Sussex family and the Obamas have been close for several years now, having met when Barack Obama was president, so it’s no surprise that she would defend Markle, or that she would see any comment about racism as valid.

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18 Responses

  1. Who actually cares what she thinks? It is very doubtful that anyone made the remark Markle claims was made about the child.

    1. So right. Obuma needs to stuff her ideas. She is so mistreated in her million $$homes. The brits should either be in America or go back to Britain and deal with it. Markle is a trouble maker from day one.

  2. I doubt that the statement about her baby skin color is an imagination of hers- the british family was good to her and she in return turned on them. Nothing will make her happy so I think it would benefit all of us if she disappeared and to never return. She is a troubled person and there is nothing to make her happy. As far as running for president — that would be a mastake because Biden is enough for this country to tolerate at this time.

  3. ovomit & his he/she should bud out marklecaused her own problems she only wants too live as a queen which she is not & neither is her son a prince .

  4. I don’t believe one sound coming out of her mouth. Amazing how all the skunks run together ….who gives a crap what either of them say.. shut up and go away!!!

  5. Michelle needs to keep her nose out of business that is none of her’s. Megan needs to stop causing trouble because she can’t get her own way. In my opinion she is a spoiled rotten brat who thinks everyone should bow to her every wish. If the media would stopwatch all the crappy publicity this would go away like Megan should.

  6. Funny But this is exactly what one would expect from someone who is and has shown themselves to be the biggest racist of all . While I respect Megan Markle’s right to have an opinion on the matter and to defend her child , she should accept that she is a royal only by way of marriage .She could never become Queen and her child is so far down in the line of succession it is a moot issue as to if he is a prince or a pauper .
    I suspect her trying to make a run for President is just her desire to be a peer to the Queen . Also to feed her ego and have public acclaim .

  7. Who cares about Meghan and Mich Obama they both Nasty people and both are the worst racist people in the United States . They need to move to China where people like them.

  8. Ofcourse Michelle my bell would support lying markle. They are 2 feathers of the same bird. Both lib elites that feel entitled.
    Glad the world voted and gave them unfavorable marks.
    Hopefully harry will escape that zoo in the next couple of years.

  9. How dare her and him, the biggest racist calling someone else a racist! Both are a perfect example of how un-American you can be. What a total disgrace.

  10. Every one wants to keep their face in the news. We really do not care what Obama has to say. Every one always complains about their poor acceptance in the world. Grow up and start contributing and stop taking. The pandemic has hurt a lot of people while the chosen ones cry about being mistreated. Excuse me. Megan lives in a $15 million dollar home. She has fought with her own family as well as her husbands family. I guess this best explains the situation.

  11. I sorry but this poor little rich kid act stops now!! With the United States of American in turmoil, Antifa & BLM destroying our country, two fools in the White House allowing all sorts of law changes that are bring chaos into our country, complete Democratic idiots in the Senate & Congress lead by Queen of the idiots Pelosi you think we care what Megan or Michelle who are the very privileged & have more money & things, are sad, to dam bad, get off you soap box & start helping those that really are having a tough time!! You are both privileged biased racist & have a nerve to think we should feel sorry for you!! Suck it up & help others, you have nothing to complain about!

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