BREAKING: Michael Flynn JAIL Announcement – Whoa…

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn is back in the news. The case against him, which stems from Robert Mueller’s sham investigation, has hit a new stage and jail is a possibility.

However, Flynn’s lawyers are working to avoid imprisonment for their client. “Mr. Flynn should receive a sentence, if any, of probation and community service,” noted the court filing.

They also wrote, “Mr. Flynn wrote a blank check on his life and put himself in harm’s way for more than five years in foreign deployments and thirty-three years of service to protect all Americans.”

Flynn had already withdrawn his guilty plea, accusing prosecutors of renigging on an agreement — and now he is seeking what amounts to a punishment that many would consider fair.

Tragically, Flynn was targeted from the beginning as a way to get to President Trump. Mueller tarnished the reputation of a good man in the process, and he may never recover.

There is at least some hope now that the judge will see reason and clear Flynn or at least give him the lightest sentence possible, given his alleged wrongdoing.

Read the full story here.

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