BREAKING: Michael Flynn Comes Forward – MASSIVE Bombshell

President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, just came forward with a stunning move. This is a massive bombshell and the news is spreading nationwide.

Flynn is now fighting back against the partisan prosecutors trying to take him down. In fact, his defense team announced this week that Flynn will be withdrawing his guilty plea.

“In a motion filed Tuesday night … Flynn’s defense team” said that the prosecution breached “the plea agreement that Flynn and his former attorneys struck with Mueller’s office in late 2017,” reported Politico.

The dispute amounts to the “prosecution’s description of those events in a sentencing submission last week.” According to the report, “those events” are related to recent testimony by Flynn.

Flynn’s defense is alleging that the federal government essentially “blew up” the plea deal after prosecutors reneged on a previous statement that Flynn deserved leniency for his cooperation.

Now we will watch to see how the rest of this case plays out. Many are convinced that Mueller’s case against Flynn was shaky at best and partisan at worst — and Flynn is ready to go on the attack.

Read the full story here.

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