BREAKING: Michael Bloomberg BRIBERY Charge – Democrats Shocked

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said on Hannity Tuesday that he has gotten Florida’s attorney general involved in investigating Mike Bloomberg for bribery in regards to millions of dollars in payments Bloomberg made to enable thousands of convicted felons to vote in the state.

State law says that felons may not gain their voting priveleges back until they have served all of their time and paid off all of their fines and restitution. The law keeps tens of thousands of felons from voting even though they have served their time because they have not paid off their monetary debt to the state.

Bloomberg has paid $20 million in felons’ fines to allow 32,000 of them to vote in the election. In Florida law, though, Gaetz said “it’s a third-degree felony for someone to either directly or indirectly provide something of value to impact whether or not someone votes. So the question is whether or not paying off someone’s fines and legal obligations counts as something of value, and it clearly does.”

This means that Bloomberg’s actions broke Florida law, and he should be prosecuted. Also, the felons whose fines he paid should not be allowed to vote in the election.

Gaetz said he was “encouraged after my conversation with the attorney general. I hope we have good law enforcement all over the country looking for the cheating and the tricks that these Democrats are going to try in this election.”

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