BREAKING: Mental Health Report Stuns Joe Biden – Voters Learn Truth…

According to Rassmussen, two-thirds of Americans want President Joe Biden to take a cognitive test and release the results publicly.

In a new survey, 56% said they doubt that Biden is up to the job, and 63% said they believe Biden’s mental fitness has declined since he took office. Almost half, 47%, said that they strongly believed this.

Breitbart’s John Nolte noted that Biden has brought Americans together over several important issues so far during his presidency.

“What had been a 50/50 country on just about every issue is now starting to look more like a country coming to a consensus on some key issues — like schools telling white kids they’re racist, schools teaching grade-schoolers gay porn, Biden’s mishandling of the China Flu and Afghanistan, as well as his mishandling of the economy, foreign policy, and immigration,” Nolte said.

Trouble is, Biden’s decline is working for the powers-that-be, at least for now. They get to run things and he pretty much goes along with it–why would they want to give that up?

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