BREAKING: Mental Health Bombshell – Trump Shocks Nation

A mental health bombshell just dropped and millions of people across the country are stunned. President Donald Trump just shocked the entire nation — and now everyone is wondering what will happen next.

During an interview this week with WJLA, Trump said that his presumptive opponent for the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden, is “not mentally sharp enough to be president” and “doesn’t know he’s alive.”

Trump was asked about Biden’s strongest quality, but he instead made an important point: “I would have said experience, but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday.”

As the country begins reopening procedures, state by state, due to the COVID-19 crisis slowly making its way out, Trump and Biden have increased their verbal barbs and given voters a taste of what to expect in the coming months.

Biden will stress his experience in government, while Trump will run on his record over the past four years and highlight his opponent’s increasingly unstable behavior. Americans are realizing that Biden just won’t cut it.

By contrast, Trump has followed through on his promises — reinvigorating our economy, renegotiating trade deals, standing up to China, and fighting illegal immigration. And he has led America through a pandemic no one expected.

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