BREAKING: Mental Health Bombshell Rocks Trump Fans – America Stunned

Lawrence O’Donnell postulated on MSNBC Tuesday night that 53% of Republicans in a new poll failed ““a basic mental competency test question” because they think Donald Trump is the rightful president.

“Donald Trump owns the Republican Party in this country. He owns the Texas Republicans” Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) said. “And not only is it a matter of self-delusion. I mean, these people are delusional, but they’ve also gotten very dangerous to the people of Texas, and I think to the people of this county.”

O’Donnell and Castro discussed the topic in light of a new voting rights law in Texas designed to protect voters’ rights and prevent fraud.

“It’s very much a naked power grab,”Castro said of the law, adding that “a lot of Republican White males are trying to hang on to power.”

It’s getting really old when Democrats and the left-wing media are so intolerant of any differing viewpoints that they need to insult their rival political party and pooh-pooh legitimate concerns about election integrity to feel like they are on an even playing field with Republicans.

Read the full story here.

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12 Responses

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  1. Castro is a good name for this “commie”. Now if we can just get him to move to Cuba, all would be right with the world, at least the Texas part of it,

  2. Okay, this is the Democrats latest plan to discredit Republicans. Since they can’t legally beat us, they are now trying to make us look “dangerous and unstable”. For example, Pelosi wants to spend $2 billion to improve security at the Capitol in WA. She doesn’t want another armed insurrection to occur, even though there were no arms and no insurrection. She’s also making noises about locking us up if we fail to agree with the Democrats. This is getting really personal and ugly. They cheated Americans and America in the election and now with all the evidence coming out, she’s trying to destroy the People that oppose her.

  3. The dems and liberals just can’t stand to loose. They will say and do anything to convince the American public that they are the rightful winners of the election when we all know that it was a fraudulent election through and through. But their playbook says we can never loose. No matter what it takes, we will win, and they did by cheating. And now look at the mess we are in. Hope all you libs and dems are happy.

  4. I’d say it’s the dems that are failing the mental competency question if they aren’t smart enough to see the fraud that has already been found and continues to be found in all the states that have had the REAL audits, not just the recounting of the same ballots with the same fraudulent machines.

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  7. And O’donnell is a mental case for butt sniffing the democrats administration. They are scared of Trump to the point of mental breakdowns.

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