BREAKING: Mental Health Bombshell Forces Removal From Office – Democrats Scrambling…

The San Francisco Chronicle has come out and called for Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to resign in light of recent reports about her declining mental capabilities.

Feinstein, who is 88-years-old, has had an incredibly long career in Washington D.C., and it appears that career has gone on far too long. Feinstein has become the poster boy for term limits for Congressmen as she has been in the Senate since 1992.

Of course, Feinstein stepping down right now isn’t an option for the Democrat Party as the Senate is split 50-50.

With several former Feinstein staffers and even Democrat members of Congress coming forward and warning that Feinstein is suffering from deteriorating memory, the Democrat Party has a serious problem on its hands.

The Chronicle’s editorial board wrote that “If Feinstein is mentally unfit, Democrats need to tell her openly. And she should resign.”

So far, California’s senior Senator has been defiant in the face of calls for her resignation. Unless something drastic happens, Senator Feinstein seems to have no plans of going anywhere.

Read the full story here.

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