BREAKING: Mental Health Announcement – Trump Shocks Nation

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wouldn’t respond to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’s characterization of him as “morbidly obese,” but went on to call her a “sick woman” with “lots of mental problems.”

“I don’t respond to her, I think she’s a waste of time,” he said in response to a question by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Pelosi made the comment about his weight while explaining why she didn’t think Trump should take hydroxychloroquine, even though his doctor had prescribed it to him.

Later in a briefing before other reporters, though, he grouped Pelosi with other Democrats in comments about the way they pushed the investigation into his administration’s supposed ties with Russia.

“These people are sick. Pelosi is a sick woman, she’s got a lot of problems, a lot of mental problems,” he said. “We’re dealing with people that have to get their act together for the good of the country.”

Trump’s comments came after he had lunch with Republican senators, who are investigating the FBI in connection with the Trump Russia collusion probe.

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