BREAKING: Melania Trump Virus Announcement – Oh Wow

First Lady Melania Trump just made a stunning announcement about the coronavirus. Thousands of people hear it in-person while millions nationwide watched on television. Wow.

“We all know the American spirit is stronger than this virus,” she said during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania this week. “We have proven that we can and will overcome this unexpected challenge.”

Mrs. Trump also discussed the country’s experience and related it to her own. “Like many of you, I have experienced the first-hand effects of COVID-19, not only as a patient but as a worried mother and a worried wife,” she said.

She let everyone watching know that she has been praying for all Americans affected by this pandemic — proving, once again, that she is the best First Lady we have probably had since Nancy Reagan many years ago.

And she is right: the “American spirit” will get us through this hardship. We have to protect one another, show grace and patience, and recall those moments in our history — such as 9/11 — when all that mattered was being an American.

We also cannot allow Joe Biden to become president of the United States. He will push our nation into devastating and job-killing lockdowns, following the lead of Europe and states like California and New York. It is a time for choosing.

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