Breaking: Megyn Kelly humiliated – in front of entire world

First Megyn Kelly makes a deceptive teaser for her interview with Vladimir Putin, exposing her as the ratings seeking self-promoter that she is, and then she gets embarrassed. I think that’s called karma…

In the interview that’s now making news, Kelly asked Putin about meddling in the 2016 presidential election and his response was outright dismissive of Kelly. Putin broke out in laughter, responding: “I couldn’t care less.”

After recording a trailer where she implied Trump was hiding something that her interview uncovered, we now know she actually just got laughed at, right to her face. Americans don’t respect her and apparently, neither do Russians. (Read More…)

Bernie Sanders praises John McCain as ‘respected’ Senate leader

I didn’t see this coming. Bernie Sanders just called John McCain a “respected” friend.” In one sense I get it, McCain is battling brain cancer, and he’s a genuine American hero, so it’s impossible to not respect him.

But Sanders isn’t some patriot, he’s openly socialist and Marxist, which puts him in direct opposition to the principles of American liberty. What this may demonstrate is that McCain’s slow lean to the left is actually worse than we suspected. He saved Obamacare without good reason, and now Sanders is praising him. He’s a great man, but he’s rapidly losing his conservative credentials. (Read More…)

40 Taliban militants killed in battle with Afghan forces

Every day there’s another intense story out of the Middle East. In Afghanistan, Afghan special forces commandos and local security forces were in the process of launching a raid against the Taliban. It looks like the Taliban fighters were probably tipped off by some traitor and the government forces were ambushed.

These guys endured a grueling 5-hour-long firefight with the terrorists, sadly losing 18 of their own men. But, despite being on the defensive in an ambush, they took 40 terrorists down with them – a truly heroic feat of skill and willpower. I salute those men for bringing it to the enemy and laying them out. (Read More…)

Vladimir Putin says he ‘couldn’t care less’ if Russians interfered in Trump’s election

Putin is tough to get a handle on. He’s undeniably intelligent, plans out every move he makes, and he’s also very no-nonsense. So when he laughs at Megyn Kelly when she asks him about Russian interference in the election and says he “couldn’t care less” if Russians interfered in the U.S. election, he’s also making a point.

He went off on a tangent about not knowing who these 16 Russian people and entities indicted by Robert Mueller actually are, and said they don’t represent the Russian government. But we also know that nothing happens in Russia without Putin’s go ahead. There’s no doubt that the Russians wanted to push buttons to test weaknesses in the American democratic system, but there’s also no reason to think Trump was involved.

That’s how he can simultaneously laugh off a claim while perpetuating a narrative that creates political conflict in the U.S. He needs to be stopped. (Read More…)

Utah ISIS supporter tries to detonate bomb at high school

Here’s something you probably haven’t heard about unless you read sites like this – because the media refuses to cover it. If some troubled kid gets an AR-15 and shoots his former classmates, you’ll hear about how the NRA is evil for months to come. But, apparently, if a high school student sympathizes with ISIS and attempts to bomb his own school, it barely makes the news…

Thankfully, this would-be terrorist’s plan was thwarted. Our mainstream media outlets don’t like this kind of story though; it makes guns look less dangerous and places the blame on the person, not an inanimate object. (Read More…)

Scientist ‘99 percent sure’ Amelia Earhart’s bones have been found

A major mystery may just have been solved. For decades, Americans have been fascinated with Amelia Earhart’s unsolved disappearance. The adventurous pilot attempted to circumnavigate the globe back in 1937 when she suddenly disappeared without a trace. Investigators eventually gave up, believing she was lost at sea.

Years ago bones were found on a remote island that some believed were Earhart’s, but that theory was eventually thrown out. A scientist using a new method, however, believes those bones were actually hers, and he’s nearly certain of his claim. In the end, it’s not clear if he’s correct, but it’s always thrilling to think about what may have happened to Earhart.

Next they’ll be figuring out where DB Cooper landed! (Read More…)

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