BREAKING: Media Insider Reveals Obama’s Big Scam – This Is Sick…

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock blasted former President Barack Obama for joining the Black Lives Matters “grifters.”

In a series of tweets, Whitlock delivered a wide-ranging attack on American culture.

Whitlock’s attacks included saying that black leaders prefer having George Floyd dead so they can “use him for political power.”

“Obama, and the other BLM grifters prefer him dead so you can use him for political power,” Whitlock tweeted, referring to how the national Black Lives Matter organization has pulled in millions since Floyd’s death.

“Our culture has moved [in] such a negative direction in the last decade, I’m not sure first responders would run up in the World Trade Towers today,” he tweeted. “Cultural rot has consequences. When you make heroes of people who contribute nothing and demonize those who risk everything.”

Then Whitlock dropped another tweet truth bomb:

“I’m not defending the actions of the officers,” he posted. “But we’ve demonized law enforcement to the point that there are far fewer rewards for being a hero, for taking risks. When your culture makes George Floyd the hero, real heroes stand down. Cultural rot has consequences.”

To read the full story, click here.

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