Mayor Pete Ordered To Resign – Dead Body Found [ALERT]

Democratic president candidate Pete Buttigieg was just ordered to resign as mayor of South Bend, Indiana. A dead body has been discovered, and residents of his midwestern city are irrate.

“To start with trying to heal, the mayor just needs to resign,” said Mario Sims, a local pastor and activist who, like many other South Bend citizens, want Buttigieg to step down after a police-involved shooting.

Tensions had been boiling for months after Buttigieg reportedly demoted the city’s first black police chief and appointed someone else. Then, allegations of the police department having racial bias started surfacing.

It all came to a head last month when a black man was killed last month by a white police officer. Buttigieg has been raked over the coals for his handling of the issues leading up the incident and responding to it.

Now, this isn’t about passing judgement over what happened; there simply aren’t enough details known. Someone is dead and that’s bad enough. But liberals too often point fingers at the police first, and that’s wrong.

It is rather ironic, then, that a far-left ideologue like Buttigieg is getting skewered in this way. One thing’s for certain: He needs to attend to his actual responsibility at home instead of jetting around the country.

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