BREAKING: Maxine Waters Loses Her Mind – Humiliating Breakdown Shocks…

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said during a local California broadcast about police in America that “their greatest challenge and their greatest choir is to keep black people in their place.”

When asked why it seems to be so difficult for people to learn to treat people better and end violence against blacks, Waters said, “I believe that it stems from the history of this country. It stems from slavery when whites were absolutely in charge, and they absolutely controlled the lives of people and their families.”

“I mean, they’ve always been in charge,” she continued. “I think that this thinking about the need to control, the need to you know, make sure that people stay in their place, so-called, has been what has basically what has happened in America all of these years. And I think it continues in various ways. Sometimes a little bit more sophisticated ways.”

I would like to say I’m surprised, but this kind of thinking has become all too prevalent, much to the detriment of progress with race relations.

Police generally just want to keep order, and the few that are on a power trip for whatever reason need to be weeded out before they can do more damage.

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35 Responses

  1. riots and violence in American cities for 100 days last year maxine can you comment on the difference between to two.

  2. She is just nuts. Her, Biden, Harris, and Pelosi need to be put in special padded rooms and kept out of direct sunlight. It kills their usable brain cells.

  3. Oh Maxie-pad. If you had a mind, you could lose it. In the interim, you should be saying it’s the left who demands everyone conform and obey. Whiteness has nothing to do with it, it’s all ideology and stems from the leftist mindset that has since the beginning been to control those of lessor intelligence.

  4. Using the usual “projection tactics” the democommies like to use, mad, deranged maxine has “outed” herself- – she is one of those that insists on “being in control” of everyone else, just like her buddy, fancy nancy the commie hack.

  5. Why is it that only whites can racist? Their own people sold them to slavery. Did you know our V P’s family was one of biggest slave owners in Jamaica. People should look up the history

    1. I am so glad you brought that up!! I have known it for years. Also, she is NOT African American!!! She is Jamaican!! Her Father was a slave traitor and her Mom was from a Pacific Island. NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN. She is such a liar and put on!! Makes me sick!!!

      1. Her mother was from India and her father being from Jamaica probably was descended from slaves but also from a big white slave owner.

  6. Max do you ever listen to yourself, your as bad as Biden I never understand what he is saying. Of course you have never done anything wrong, never incited riots, never gave your daughter campaign money & made her rich, plus all the other illegal crap you do & all the lying & hate you spew! Wow you really need to look in the mirror!

  7. maxine has been a pos all this time she cant live in the district she represents using the people who support ,do as i say not as i do
    !she needs to be gone

  8. The worst thought will be, when maxi finally checks out, her daughter will replace her. Think about that.

  9. My Husband and myself lineage is Native American. We lived in this country way before anyone else. The soldiers came murdered, took our lands , stole the women we were considered trash so if anyone should be racist it should be Native Americans but we are peaceful people
    And some are living in poverty and now a company wants to drill in the land that is sacred for copper. You never hear Native Americans complain and shout Racist

  10. They can’t cope with their own imperfections as a black community or the black supremacy they are projecting now that they have to make up a bogeyman to make themselves victims. BLM / Antifa have become what they claim they are fighting against. They have become Racist and Liers not only to whites but Asians also now. They claim they want equality but spew racist propaganda

  11. Instead of becoming part of the solution they have chosen to become the main problem now. Instead of being equal they want to be supreme to become that which they claim they hate. It’s not about race it’s about power and dominance. I’m talking about fake BLM/ Antifa just FYI I’m not talking about you true Americans out there that are making a difference in your communes that have educated their friends and families about these issues in a civil and loving way. Not with burn loot murder

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