BREAKING: Maxine Waters INVESTIGATION Announcement [Alert]

Congresswoman Maxine Waters made an announcement about a congressional investigation into President Trump’s finances.

According to The Hill, “Waters told reporters Thursday that the House should be focused on exposing whether Trump committed financial crimes.”

Waters’ call for congressional investigation is based on disgraced former Trump associate Michael Cohen’s testimony. Known liar Michael Cohen alleged that Trump manipulated his finances to reduce taxes and increase his standing on the Forbes list of wealthiest people.

Maxine Waters has taken it upon herself to launch her own investigation into Trump’s finances. Waters questioned Deutsche Bank about financial dealings with Trump conducted over a span of several decades.

The notorious Trump enemy’s latest statement concluded that “we should be seeing what we can unveil about […] the crime that is being committed or has been committed because of the way that he has handled and managed money.”

Maxine Waters has repeatedly attacked Trump on a number of fronts. However, she’s reluctant to declare any intention to subpoena any witnesses. Maxine Waters’ personal investigation hasn’t turned up the evidence she’s looking for, so now she’s calling in the big guns.

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