BREAKING: Maxine Waters Gets Devastating News – She’s Done

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich blasted Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for her recent call that protesters should “get more confrontational” in their demand for justice for George Floyd and others.

Gingrich said Waters was “openly encouraging violence.” He called for a “nationwide movement” to stop tolerating “criminals in the street.”

“You know, when somebody is out looting, that’s not a protest, that’s a criminal,” Gingrich said. “And they should be treated as criminals. And the fact that you have a congresswoman who is actively encouraging criminals, and also you have a congresswoman in Rashida Tlaib, who literally wants to abolish the police and close all the prisons … this is madness.”

“I think we have to really rethink our whole approach to making sure we stop people from being violent if necessary by doing the opposite of what Rashida Tlaib wanted and actually increasing the prisons,” he said. “You cannot have a country which cowers in fear and which has radicals who wander around openly encouraging violence.”

It’s downright frightening that Waters is not being criticized in the press and by other lawmakers in her party over her comments, despite the fact that they are much closer to inciting violence than former President Donald Trump’s were prior to the January 6 riot, for which he was blamed and accused of incitement.

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26 Responses

  1. Justice would be cleaning up the streets of every city in the US run by Democrats. Put an end to BLM and Antifa.

  2. She is guilty of causing and inciting riots. When will she be called out by her party? Probably never because they are whimps.

    1. She will never be called out by her party because the thrive on hatred, violence and racism. They protect and defend criminals, they hate anyone who is white or not a democrat, they want to defund the police and close the prisons , so that their pet thug armies are free to prey upon innocent citizens. So, do you really expect them to condem her for doing what they all want anyhow. Inciting more violence and hatred and destroying America is their ultimate goal. They want to wipe out all whites and conservatives, but when they do, just who will work and pay taxes to support the left?

    2. The party behind her are criminal turds and she was birthed out of an outhouse. What do we expect.

    1. Because she is black and funded by commies/ she needs to be made as an example of stupidity and a black hypocrite. Blacks should shut her up as she is hurting their cause, making all blacks appear to be troublemakers while they have s come s long way without her big ugly mouth.

  3. Maxine Waters isn’t the only Federal worker to actively encourage criminal activity! VP Harris did the same thing when she lobbied for large sums of money to bail Black Lives Matter communist revolutionaries out of jail. That was Harris encouraging BLM thugs to go right back to doing the hellish destruction, including shooting innocent citizens and burning businesses and Federal property… Both Waters and Harris need to pay for their bad behavior…i. e. loss of job and jail time for the lives lost because of their careless actions and hate verbiage!!!

    1. You are so very right. Both should be in prison for the words and acts of violence they have both done. There’s something very wrong with our Justice System when they fail to act on people like this, however if I or you did the same thing, we would be imprisoned. Look at President Trump, he made no comments of hate, but Democrats and some Republicans insisted he be Impeached once again. We need to stop the Democrats and those Republicans who turned their backs on President Trump.

  4. Brought to you by the party that accused our president of inciting an insurrection. If she were republican, she would have been up on charges by now.

  5. Maxine Waters needs to go we can’t have this in Congress her inciting Riots! If it was a Republican you bet they would have been raising hell about it and to step Down this is why we Definitely need a change come 2022 & 2024

  6. Since democrats are in charge, all avenues are open to them and what they want, regardless of the law !!! Idiocy is at the forefront of politics and I can’t be told otherwise – too much has happened that should be against the law and isn’t !!! This country is so close to Civil War II it isn’t funny !!! Why do Americans put up with this bull – it’s beyond me !!! When you’re a crook, you’re a crook and a thief is a thief – need anything else be said !!!

  7. She needs to be arrested, removed from Congress and sentenced to prison. She has been out of control for many years and needs to e held accountable for her treasonist actions.

  8. Maxine Waters is not “Done” unless or until she’s removed from office! These people who truly incite rioting need to be removed and in her case prosecuted and convicted of the very crime of which she was accusing President Trump on January 6th!! She’s as bad as a KKK Member who would have been chanting for a forgone conclusion of “A Guilty Verdict” on a Black person who could have been in a similar legal situation.

  9. Since all of the media is backing their activities, you can be damn sure nothing is going to happen to these traitors.

  10. I agree with Newt Gingrich the BLM & Antifa need to be declared RIOTERS not peaceful protester which they never were & gotten off the streets & put in jail along with MEAM NASTY INCITER OF RIOTS & VIOLANCE Maxine Waters, Joe Biden trader & illegitimate President, VP Harris can not do her job even when Joe tells her to take care of the boarder mess he made & Nancy Pelosi for all the nasty INCITING OF RIOTS & VIOLANCE, lies, spewing hate, wasting our money. plus Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Waters making themselves & their family’s rich at our expense!!

  11. She should be tried and found guilty and taking to the nearest large oak tree and hanged. And televised it live. Hanged like a cattle rustler would have been over a hundred years ago.

  12. Maxine should be tarred and feathered. Our cities are burning and she’s inciting more violence. Of course the Democrats are going to support and protect her even though that tried to impeach our President for less, but we know that the rules and laws don’t apply to the Democrats.

  13. Why is it that these pos can’t be put out of office by “we the people” why is it that the dems have all this authority when they are suppose to be working for us? Why can’t we the people go there and demand them to get the hell out of “our house” and while we clean house let’s don’t forget Any of them that’s not working for “we the people”

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