BREAKING: Maxine Waters EXPELLED From Congress – Dems Stunned

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said Sunday that she would introduce a resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) from the House for inciting violence.

During a visit to Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Saturday night, Waters said that if Chauvin wasn’t found “guilty, guilty, guilty” people would need to “stay on the street” to demand “justice.”

“Rep. Waters is a danger to our society,” Greene said in a statement. “After traveling across state lines to incite riots, her orders recorded on video last night at the Brooklyn Center, directly led to more violence and a drive by shooting on National Guardsmen in Minnesota early this morning.”

“As a sitting United States Congresswoman, Rep. Maxine Waters threatened a jury demanding a guilty verdict and threatened violence if Chauvin is found not guilty. This is also an abuse of power,” Greene continued. “Rep. Maxine Waters must be expelled from Congress!”

Some might see Greene’s action as revenge for action Democrats took earlier this year to strip her of committee assignments for statements supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory, but Greene said the action was a “blessing in disguise” because serving on committees is a waste of time when Democrats bypass them to bring legislation directly to the House floor.

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34 Responses

      1. Her mouth finally got caught up with her character. She’s unfit to serve in congress. For too long she was given a key to mouth off in the past and now here. Throw her out on the street.



    1. Maxine Waters should have a nice rubber room with a firehose shower and electro shock therapy But the headline was Crap some bozo from CNN must have come up with the misleading and untruthful headline -what you smokin Joe

  2. Mad Maxine needs to be in PRISON not only for this Crap but for Fraud, Money laundering and a LONG list of other crimes against the USA

  3. They found Chauvin guilty !! So what happens ??? The Minnesota AG just spent 30 minutes GLOATING about the verdict, trying to justify all the things that they precive as wrong. He’s too stupid to see that the biggest problem in INSIDE THE BLACK COMMUNITY…….71+ % of the crime is black-on-black !!!

    5 years from now, 2026 will look no different than 1965. They will not change !!

  4. She should be expelled, this is not the first time she has insighted violence, threatened people. Plus banned from holding office again.

  5. The leftist won’t be satisfied with a guilty verdict. They will just find someplace else to riot and cause hate and division. They will never be satisfied. What is it they want? Certainly not anything fair. They want what they want and nothing else will do. And what they want is total control of what we think and say.

    1. BLM should be shot on sight with no penalty. Should be a bounty on all with no consequence as they are commies wreaking havoc on US. They are phony black supporters and should be killed on sight.

  6. Before BLM she was nuzzling up to the Muslims and Louis Farrakhan. Now she watches cities burn and defends, supports and incites the rioters. There have always been “standards” for those elected to Congress, but Maxine has ignored them all. She been votes “most corrupt in Congress” on more than one occasion. She needs to go!!

  7. I agree that those in the U.S. Congress that do not respect our laws, and support law and order should not be serving in the U.S. Congress. It is time that those who serve in Congress should be limited to term limits, and that those who are over 70 years old should be required to retire.

  8. Maxine presents an angry pathological profile which is potentially fatal to herself and unfortunately placed in her current position of power, and level of recognition, potentially dangerous to our country’s inhabitants She needs to be stripped of her position, heavily fined and placed into treatment and incarceration

  9. She does this wherever she goes. I agree she is a disgrace to her office and country. She should be removed and never to come back to Congress or any
    government position. She was all for defunding the police but she sure wanted them with her yesterday, It’s obvious she hates the United States.
    Now we’ll wait to see if Congress has the backbone to do the right thing and get her out of office.

  10. I’m sitting here watching fox and have heard what I could stand of bumbling biden adding gasoline on the fire “systemic racism”??? Really?? Waters, Pelosi as well as Bumbling Biden all need to be removed for the inciting violence. Im just now hearing that jury had not been sequestered. That this jury heard bumbling biden state he expected a guilty verdict. NOW HES JUDGE AND HAS COERCED THE JURY. Then add Watees: with her guilty and the propaganda of inciting violence and push for confrontational action. Now pelosi….wtf….the media….wtf. democrats use everyone to destroy to bully and they are destroying our BELOVED USA!!! No one announces loud and clear TRUMP WAS RIGHT, OR TRUMP DIDNT DO THIS!!

  11. She has always been a racist promoter just like ole big Al Sharpton, and a lot more of the people in high places. It’s no wonder why there is so much racism going on with the Biden administration. Ever time you see tv show or a movie that has black and whites together the topic always comes out to be a racist topic. You got to ask yourself , if this had incident had been a white guy. Do you think the white guys would start rioting or his family would get awarded 27 million. I like the cops, and there are some bad ones out there just like politicians how does the little guy gonna do about it??…

  12. Speaker Nancy P. and her 4 Squad: Radicals Reps: Omar, Tliab, Presley & AOC formerly illegals put into our Congress and are so dangerous to be in our country. They’re working for 3rd world poorest country of illegals and are cheerleaders for the BLM & Antifa who’s going around America rioting, looting and destroying America oldest statues to change America history. These are terrorist-punks. Lock their azz up to. Who is BLM and Antifa member working for?

  13. She needs to be expelled for what she said. She is a very ignorant and disgraceful-person. The democrats starting at the top are destroying the USA with their lies and deceit including the fake news media.

  14. Maxine Waters needs to be removed from office!!!! She is not a representative of Minnesota! She was not ASKED to come to Minnesota! After her speech, 2 National Guardsmen were shot in a drive by shooting! Maxine Waters received Police protection by the City while she was here! Did Maxine Waters use California taxpayers money to fly here?

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