BREAKING: Maxine Waters Declared GUILTY – Evidence Humiliates Democrats

Maxine Waters was just busted and it isn’t looking good for the Democrat Representative from California.

According to Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Maxine Waters had a police escort while traveling to Minnesota. That wouldn’t be big news except that Waters has been joining calls to defund and remove policing.

Seems a bit hypocritical to call for everyday Americans to not have the benefit of law enforcement officers but hire them for yourself, Maxine?

According to Breitbart News, “Waters told demonstrators protesting against the police killing of Daunte Wright that they should ‘get more confrontational’ if the jury in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin does not render a ‘guilty verdict’ for ‘murder.'”

Waters didn’t say anything about the police she hired to keep her safe on that same trip.

“Waters had a police escort take her to Minnesota to call for confrontation if they do not get a verdict that they like, which what she wants is the death penalty — first-degree murder — that’s not even an option in the trial,” said Blackburn.

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18 Responses

  1. We think TEXAS should send the National Guard to the border, finish the fence, stop illegals from crossing into Texas, stop the spread of Covid 19 across our Nation, stop using our tax dollars for them to enter illegally, stop the abuse and trafficking of children, and return to the Trump/Mexico accord for proper entry. This appears to be grounds for a real genuine impeachment procedure!!!

    1. Barbara, KUDOS to you. You are spot on !!!
      You just gave some good,sound advice. It’s so refreshing to read or
      hear someone talking “Common Sense !” It seems that almost an
      entire political party have lost the ability to think clearly and apply
      common sense. They are not making any sense, lost their minds,
      lost their decency, and their thinking is turned upside down and inside out. They are no longer making any sense. They think evil is good…. and they think good is evil. How long are we going to let them get away with this?

  2. I cannot believe that the Democrats did not censure her. She is so obviously creating chaos and rioting. But of course, they only want what will help them with their leftist policies. They are all unamerican and a disgrace to our political system., I would be ashamed to show my face if I were them.

  3. The dems and the MSM don’t care about truth and justice. They just want power and money for themselves. We the people are worthless, useless and in their way. Ask yourself why do they want to defund the police and disarm us? Antifa and BLM will become the new woke police. God help us because our government has turned against us.

  4. So long as the democrats control the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches of the government you can forget about impeaching anyone. They have the votes. Republicans lose in every case.

  5. I wonder why the Army isn’t stepping in to SAVE OUR COUNTRY?????????????????????? i READ THAT THEY CAN STOP THIS CRAZINESS GOING ON, SO WHY DON’T THEY DO IT WHILE WE STILL HAVE A COUNTRY TO SAVE??????????????????

  6. I said nearly 40 years ago the our Country has out-lived the two party system.
    both parties are corrupt and could careless about the American people.
    All they want is POWER for their party and CONTROL.
    I voted for Trump because he was NOT a POLITICIAN and would not answer to any of them. He know what is BEST for America and know HOW TO FIX IT but he alone cannot fight the SWAMP that he rightfully attempted to drain. The corrupt money behind the Democrats is more than the American People can donate to Save the Country. The American people need to start the WAR against our OWN GOVENMENT. Send the National Guard in and Wipe Out DC.

  7. …and my dream: I wake up Monday morning and the ENTIRE government of the United States of America has moved to the middle of Kansas. It would be like going to a car wash after mud race.

  8. I agree with all of you. The forefathers should have put term limits on the government. I like voting every two years for a maximum of six years.
    We, the people, would be able to use our voting rights to get rid of the sleaze balls. We have a government of elitists we are supporting. They are ruining the country. President Trump tried to do what was right for America. I still say he won by a landslide. Votes after hours should not count. Voting by ballot is disastrous. I.D. in person should be required. The machines were fixed.

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