BREAKING: Maxine Waters Arrest Notice – Removal Announcement Stuns…

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) had the nerve to suggest that President Donald Trump be arrested for resuming public events 10 days after testing positive for the coronavirus, even though his doctors cleared him to do so and said that he is no longer contagious.

After MSNBC host Joy Reid said incorrectly that Trump was “going to go back to spreading the virus personally,” Waters agreed and said, “I think it’s long past time the 25th Amendment should have been enacted . . . . If it had been left up to me, I would have arrested him a long time ago.”

Then she complained that no matter how many hearings and investigations Democrats in Congress have, Trump just keeps doing “whatever he wants to do.”

It seems that Waters, Pelosi and other Democrats in Congress are the ones who have lost complete touch with reality and are denying “science” by insisting that Trump is still infected with the coronavirus when his doctors and the CDC guidelines are saying otherwise.

Maybe they need to be removed from service if they can’t be factual about Trump and avoid ridiculous hyperbole.

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