BREAKING: Massive Voter Fraud Announcement – Democrats Busted

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) sat down for an interview on FM Talk 106.5 in Mobile, Alabama, where he laid out a plan to fight back against the confirmation of Joe Biden in Congress.

First, Brooks established that Congress plays a key role in any contested election. Brooks said, “The courts are not designed to resolve an election dispute for President, Senate, or the House of Representatives up here in Washington, D.C. The Constitution, along with accompanying federal statutes, are quite clear: the United States Congress has the final verdict, decree — whatever you want to call it — on every election contest involving members of the House, members of the United States Senate, and the President of the United States.”

This makes the upcoming election in Georgia even more important. Republicans are defending the two Senate seats there, and should they lose them, they will lose control of the Senate.

Brooks continued saying, “The over, overwhelming evidence — and it is compelling nationally is because of major systemic flaws with various election systems in various states, in addition to what you’re reading about in the news media about particular lawsuits — in addition to all that, it is clear that many of these states have election systems that are untrustworthy and the election was stolen from American voters who supported a conservative, a Republican rather than a socialist and a liberal.”

Pennsylvania was one such example of a state with “major systemic flaws.” The state expanded vote-by-mail without amending the state constitution, thereby making the changes to their election unconstitutional.

Brooks plans to object to the electoral votes of certain states. Brooks said, “We in Congress have the absolute right to object to and reject those state submittals of Electoral College votes. We believe that they’re not worthy of our trust.” This will be something to watch when Congress reconvenes on January 6th.

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