BREAKING: Massive Poll Reversal – Donald Trump Is Smiling

President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, is claiming that enthusiasm is at an all-time high for President Trump. Despite recent polling numbers, Parscale is arguing that Biden’s campaign has no enthusiasm.

Parscale said on Thursday that, “The unprecedented enthusiasm behind the president’s reelection efforts stands in stark contrast to the flat, almost nonexistent enthusiasm for Biden.”

While Trump has been visible and active in the public eye, Biden has been completely absent. Even though Trump has been running virtually unopposed in the Republican primaries, record numbers of voters have turned out with nearly a million voting for him in Georgia alone. Democrat enthusiasm has only declined as Biden’s cognitive condition declines.

Recent polling favors Biden and it has led some Democrats to celebrate. But ultimately the deciding factor in November will be voter turnout driven by enthusiasm.

Are the Democrats repeating the same mistake they made in 2016? Hillary Clinton was convinced she had Donald Trump beat, but the polls were wrong and she was defeated by a large margin.

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