BREAKING: Massive Georgia REVERSAL – Election Bombshell Rocks Nation

A massive ‘reversal’ in Georgia was just announced. This election bombshell has rocked the nation — millions of people are wondering what will happen now that just has arrived.

“The elections board of Floyd County, Georgia, on Thursday voted to terminate its executive director after an audit found ballots left uncounted prior to the county’s initial certification,” reported Breitbart News.

Robert Brady, the county’s chief elections clerk, had already faced “two reprimands that Brady received in the past six months”  and the “2,600 votes that were not counted in the county’s total” that were found during the audit ultimately led to his firing.

Granted, mistakes do happen, and even one of the election commissioners said as much. “It really is a matter of human error not of some big fraud or conspiracy and people make mistakes,” said Commissioner Wendy Davis.

However, in order to preserve confidence in the county’s elections, it was necessary for Brady to be terminated, according to Davis. In fact, she noted that she had been “critical” of Brady “this entire elections cycle.”

Will this change the outcome of the election? No, of course not. But the extra scrutiny on our election process — especially in swing states like Georgia — is a positive thing. Don’t let anyone downplay the irregularities being exposed.

Read the full story here.

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