BREAKING: Mass Grave Discovered… Americans In Shock

A mass grave was just unearthed in the most unlikely place. Americans are in shock by this discovery. Now a discussion has started on how to honor the dead and their history.

“The discovery of at least 40 slave graves at a high-end country club in Florida’s capital city has sparked debate about how to memorialize the dead,” reported the Dail Mail this week.

It is a grisly description. According to the report, “neat rows of rectangular depressions along the 7th fairway deepened in the grass” over the years, “outlining what would be confirmed this month as sunken graves of the slaves.”

An analysis of the unmarked graves has also concluded that these slaves lived and died on a cotton plantation — a disturbing and difficult reminder of the sin of human ownership.

“They deserve much better than this,” said Delaitre Hollinger, the immediate past president of the NAACP’s Tallahassee chapter. “And they deserved much better than what occurred in that era.”

Hollinger would like the grounds to be memorialized, a request that shouldn’t be difficult to meet. As the country club’s resident history, Jay Revell, put it: “It’s fair to say that the golf course is one of the reasons why this burial ground has been preserved as well as it has for so long.”

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