BREAKING: Masks Come OFF – These States Are Removing Mandates…

The masks are coming off. These states are removing their mandates and Democrats are freaking out. Liberals can’t let go of their political power.

“Alabama will become one of the next states to eliminate a government-imposed mandate that requires people wear masks in public,” reported Breitbart News. Alabama joins Texas and Mississippi in repealing their mandates.

Fourteen other states — all of them run by Republicans — never initiated mask mandates in the first place and deferred to counties and cities. Many believe this was the right way to handle the issue.

Of course, President Joe Biden has weighed in on masks and attempted to bully states like Texas and Mississippi into reversing course, calling their decision “neanderthal thinking.” This is laughable.

“Neanderthal thinking” is when you promote masks as some kind of virtue-signaling talisman that will absolutely prevent COVID-19, as long as we wear them for months on end just as our all-knowing leaders tell us.

But it is more nuanced than that. Very few people dispute that wearing a mask in public, especially when near others, can be a minimal safeguard against airborne transmissionThe problem is overblowing their effectiveness.

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