BREAKING: Masks Come OFF! Major State Shocks Nation

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) announced his intention to “get our summer back” in the state by removing all coronavirus restrictions including the mandate to wear a mask in state buildings.

“The standard for normal cannot be zero cases,” he said. “In Oklahoma, the standard for normal is freedom. The freedom to worship, the freedom to go to work and earn a paycheck, the freedom to visit your loved ones in nursing homes, the freedom to send your kids to school in person, and the freedom to protect your family however you see fit.

“As long as I’m governor, I will protect the freedoms of Oklahomans,” he declared.

Stitt said there were fewer than 300 people in hospitals with the coronavirus and that new cases were lower than last summer.

Other states that value freedom should follow Oklahoma’s lead.

Read the full story here.

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3 Responses

  1. Biden should be replaced ASAP- he is just a stooge. No one should take heed of anything he says because he will be either dead or removed for total incompetence. Just ignore him- he’s an idiot!

  2. THANK YOU! Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. FINALLY another state that sees what’s really going on here. So, here’s the Million Dollar Question: Why do Americans stand in line to serve as human guinea pigs in oder to receive a “vaccine” that Big Pharma is not liable for, that hasn’t been tested, and that neither prevents getting nor spreading the Corona virus. AND – all for a virus that has a 94+ survival rate! BTW.

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