BREAKING: Martial Law Bombshell – Trump Official Makes Stunning Announcement

A bombshell was just publicly dropped about martial law being declared. One of President Donald Trump’s official just made a stunning announcement.

“It doesn’t work like that,” said Jenna Ellis, one of Trump’s lawyers, responding to a suggestion that martial law should be declared to redo the election. “We have a constitutional process for the Electoral College and remedies for corrupted elections.”

“I totally understand Americans’ passion, but we have to uphold the law, not undermine it,” she concluded. With a single tweet, Ellis has put to rest this absurd idea that declaring martial law is the answer to an election dispute.

Ellis, a constitutional law attorney by trade, has no interest in damaging the Constitution — and neither does President Trump. Instead, they will continue to use the constitutional process to bring their case.

Already, a few Republican members of the House are prepared to challenge the Electoral College vote. It would only take one senator to also make a challenge on the Senate side to force a debate and vote on the issue.

There is no word yet on whether a Republican senator has been locked down, and this possibility is a controversial one. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has discouraged the move within his caucus.

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