BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Is Out – Teen Scandal Stuns America

Although Zuckerberg’s Facebook has said they would limit the amount of advertising targeted at young users, a recent report reveals they are doing quite the opposite.

“Facebook is continuing to track teenagers for ad targeting across its social media platforms despite claiming it would be limiting how advertisers could reach young users,” according to a recent report by Fairplay, Global Action Plan, and Reset Australia.

“Facebook claimed earlier this year that the tech giant would be limiting how advertisers reach young people. Since then, the company has been accused of not shutting down ad targeting for teens and retaining its algorithms’ abilities to track and target kids,” reported Breitbart News.

“Many believe that Mark Zuckerberg’s company is failing to protect its most vulnerable users from manipulative marketing, choosing instead to make a show of removing a layer of targeting control from advertisers to imply that the company is looking out for its users,” reported Breitbart News.

Following their research, Fairplay, Global Action Plan, and Reset Australia wrote in a letter:

“While Facebook says it will no longer allow advertisers to selectively target teenagers, it appears Facebook itself continues to target teens, only now with the power of AI, replacing ‘targeting selected by advertisers’ with ‘optimisation selected by a machine learning delivery system’ does not represent a demonstrable improvement for children, despite Facebook’s claims in July.

Facebook is still using the vast amount of data it collects about young people in order to determine which children are most likely to be vulnerable to a given ad. This practice is especially concerning, given ‘optimisation’ might mean weight loss ads served to teens with emerging eating disorders or an ad being served when, for instance, a teen’s mood suggests they are particularly vulnerable.”

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